Our vision is to meet practical needs in African countries in general and the DR Congo in particular through self-help, medical, educational and training projects. Roar Congo Network, a humanitarian aid and development agency, was established in 2003 as the first agency in Eastern DR Congo to focus on empowering women and youth in DR Congo and worldwide so they can achieve their full potential.  The guiding principles of Roar Congo Network are Freedom (peace), Justice  (development) and Equality Roar Congo Network's mission is to assist the development of civil society by addressing the social, political, economic and health needs of women, youth, their families and communities.  Women and children are the most vulnerable and poorest groups in many parts of the DR Congo often subject to discrimination throughout their lives. Roar Congo Network advocates for human rights awareness and gender equity, and works nationally and internationally in partnership with all members of society to realise these goals. Roar Congo Network supplies relief assistance in conflict and disaster areas and develops projects and missions which provide resources and training which lessen the burden of illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and ill-health.  Proactive partnership is a key approach as is organisational capacity building and the facilitation of networking opportunities. Roar Congo Network supports and promotes the Millenium Development Goals, the United Nations and its specialised agencies.  The organisation does not discriminate on grounds of race, nationality, religion, class or political ideology and therefore considers itself to be neutral and impartial in its beliefs and actions. Roar Congo Network is also guided in its work by the spirit of the Geneva Conventions.  The Geneva Conventions, initiated in 1864, reaffirm the respect due to the human being in times of armed conflict.  They provide that persons who take no part in hostilities and those placed 'hors de combat' by wounds, detention or sickness or any other cause shall be protected and that those who suffer shall be cared for without any distinction. Roar Congo Network has five key thematics: Humanitarian Aid Development Assistance Human Rights Awareness  Research Initiatives Health Promotion and Disease Prevention © RCN AFRICA 2014              Charity number in DR Congo: No. 01/1006/CAB/GOUPROSK/2009