Training and Skills We provide training in tailoring, garment making and fashion design, carpentry and mechanic to women and youth of the community in order to equip them with vocational skills that will enable them to find employment or further education. We also provide training in Information Technology (IT) skills thereby enabling women and youth to diversify their skills and integrate more easily in a computerised society. In addition, we provide and create Radio listening groups in rural areas and airs educational programming to help de- stigmatize the hundreds of thousands of women and youth raped and mutilated in DR Congo’s conflict. We train women and youth in media professionals which is a critical step towards a healthy democracy in the DR Congo. Health & Wealth Our organisation provides members of the community with the basic education about major Health hazards like the HIV and Aids, how to deal with related issues, and where to go for the necessary medical help.  RCN ensures that women and youth have access to the appropriate literature, encouraging discussions and debate within the community to improve their understanding of the issues involved. We also implement this objective in collaboration with the Health Authority and hope to minimise avoidable health risks amongst members of this community. Sport & Leisure Roar Congo Network provides information, facilities, networks, and contacts to the young members of this community with a view of engaging them in active sports (Physical Activities). We also encourage members of the community to organise their own community based sports, music, drama, dance and cultural activities. RCN offers advice to the older members of this community about the sport and leisure opportunities available to them and help them participate. RCN also introduces “mother tongue” classes especially for the young members of this community in order to strengthen their cultural heritage.  We are dedicated to ensuring the development of potential music Fashion Shows and sport talents within the community and the realisation of associated benefits The goal of the project is to empower children, to improve the quality of their lives, so that they may hope and dream again. Programme: Non-formal and life skills education nutrition and a mid-day meal Health care Vocational training Counselling Street kids, South Kivu, DR Congo In Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu Province, there are tens of thousands of children living rough on the streets. These are children who have been rejected by their families or who have run away from home. They are often into crime or begging. Some have menial jobs. Many smoke marijuana. With our friends at Ekaya, work amongst such children as these. At the moment we have just one centre but we have big plans. We aim to have 15 centres around South Kivu within 3 years. RCN need your help to turn our vision into reality. Self Help Projects Helping people help themselves The purpose of self help projects is income generation, to help people improve their income so that they are not continually in need of aid. If we can do something to improve a family’s income, they are enabled to help themselves and do not have to keep coming back to ask for help. It is amazing how little in Western terms is needed to make a real difference to a person’s life. An investment of £100 to £400 can radically change a family’s income and repay itself again and again. Adopt a Cow By giving a single cow to a family (purchased locally), we can enable that family to double its income by selling milk from door to door. Because most of the families have no land of their own, they will have to find grass from wherever they can and bring it to their cow. To enable families retain their dignity, the first calf is passed on to another family. The cost of a cow including veterinary fees and an allowance for some cattle feed is around £440. Other Income Generation Schemes Providing a sewing machine is a valuable way of helping a mother generate an income in her own home. She can make clothes for her own family and sell them to others. A sewing machine in Sri Lanka, for example, costs around £170. Raising chicks to be sold for food provides a good income for a family. We provide money for a shed, the first batch of chicks and chicken feed. From that point, the enterprise will be self financing providing an income for the family. To help a family costs around £350. Children need bicycles to be able to get to school and adults to be able to travel to work. The cost of a bicycle is around £80. Child Sponsorship for Education Make a difference to a real child! RCN Child Sponsorship project is designed to ensure that children in Central Africa and DR Congo in particular are able to attend school and receive a good education. The children come from extremely poor families. Many have lost parents to disease or civil wars. Many children cannot attend school because their families cannot afford to buy items such as school uniforms, shoes and exercise books. Without these, children will be sent home and soon drop out of the system. You cannot put a price on education. Invest in a child or student now to make a lasting difference in a life. Email Us today for information to sponsor a child. © RCN AFRICA 2014             Charity number in DR Congo: No. 01/1006/CAB/GOUPROSK/2009