This fantastic project gives me all I have today” I had the chance to gain Radio  Broadcasting and news production and guidance to work  as head of radio clubs on  the field, now I have my own team  and work on my own schedule.    - Luck Mugala, Trainee On this special occasion of London Day celebration, I would like to congratulate Roar  Congo Network, their coordinator, Mr Placide Bagalwa,  for their hard work, effort and  contribution to life in London.  - Ken Livingston, Mayor of London This is to congratulate Roar Congo Network (RCN) for  winning the Mayor of  Lewisham Award and this proved that our borough  has diverse skilled voluntary  organisations that can make difference to  people and make Lewisham a better place  to live and work.   - Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham Thanks to Roar Congo Network for inviting me on the  organisation’s Annual event. I  feel so proud for the work RCN is doing in  Bukavu and in our villages (Walungu,  Kabare and Katana), and I will always try to honour your invitations and be a witness  for the good work you are doing.  - Kinja Mwendanga MP, Speaker of the Local Parliament I have known Placide Bagalwa & the Roar Congo Network for over four years. During  that time I have been grateful for the level of support & the valuable input the project  workers have offered to the numerous South Kivu Communities meetings we have  held since our inception.   I have taken the time to visit the Projects premises & have seen the high level of  commitment Roar Congo Network shows the women and youth (most whom are  orphans, street kids and refugees) and members of the community they aim to  assist. Roar Congo Network have spearheaded many inventive projects based around  increasing awareness of issues such as development (media, technology…), health,  domestic violence & crime. All of the projects they run are designed to promote  inclusively.  RCN volunteers have attended numerous training courses organised by the  Voluntary Sector Consortium.  I am confident that the project & its workers have correct procedures in place to  manage, monitor & evaluate funds.   During my long association with the Roar Congo Network I have been most  impressed with all the workers hard work ethnic & determination to seek new ways of  engaging with & supporting their clients (women and youth (most whom are  orphans).   - Dr Paul Kadundu, Chancellor, Université Catholique de Bukavu © RCN AFRICA 2014 4       Charity number in DR Congo: No. 01/1006/CAB/GOUPROSK/2009